Sharkskin Boots

Sharkskin boots are extremely tough while at the same time very stylish and exotic. Shark skin can be found in many exotic locales.

Therefore quality and quantity will vary from place to place. The leather of a Sharkskin boot is naturally scuff resistant but requires a little extra care like many of the exotic leathers do. Be sure to condition or oil you sharkskin boots on a regular basis to prevent splitting and cracking.

Shark leather has a unique pattern that is distinguishable from all other exotic leathers.

Of all the boots I have ever owned, my shark boots have been a top favorite. The cool factor is these boots greatest appeal! Wear a shark on your feet!

Shark Skin cowboy boots have become less available over the years with fewer style choices as well.

Some cowpokes are moving to other similar feel leathers like stingray, ostrich leg, smooth belly crocodile and more.

Typical combinations of shark cowboy boots will have shark on the vamps and soft calfskin for the tops.